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The father/son team of Kevin & Michael Christensen are behind the wonder that is Final Gravity Brewing Company. Our orignal establishment is located in the small village of Decatur, Michigan,  our hometown. We have recently, as of December 15th, 2017, opened a second location in downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan.


Before opening Final Gravity Brewing Company, Kevin had been homebrewing for over 15 years, and just saw it more as an awesome hobby. However, as Kevin's son Michael grew up, he picked up the craft as well. The two were asked by the owner of Patchwork Brewing Company to assist in the beer making process, which is how they got their start. When the owner of Patchwork Brewing Company decided to step down and focus on their family, Kevin and Michael took over ownership of the brewery. 


Wanting to make it their own, they gave the brewery a facelift and renamed it Final Gravity Brewing Company. They added new items to the existing food menu, and began to expand upon the variety of beers being offered, which really put Final Gravity on the map, as we are known for offering both traditional brews and more experimental brews.





Kevin Christensen- Owner/Brewmaster

Kevin is more of a traditional style brewer. He is responsible for The One, which is our flagship IPA brew. 

Michael Christensen-

Beer Whisperer 

Michael is more radical when it comes to his brews. He is the brains behind the ever popular Uranus on Fire. He likes to experiment and come up with crazy flavor combinations, many of which have become fan-favorites.

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